Stephanie Crowley Papaioanu illustrating real-time graphics

Stephanie Papaioanu

Visuals are powerful.  Metaphors bring clarity.  Pictures take the complex and make it simple.  Easily digestible. They turn CONTENT into STORY.  Visuals are how people think.  The connecting thread.  What if we stopped relying on words alone to reveal the full spectrum of COLORS in our WORLD?  Adding visual depiction TRANSFORMS A WORD…into a WORLD. Words plus images tell the story of our WORLDS.  So which TRANSFORMATION will you choose? 

Sarah Bottorff headshot
“My favorite aspect of having the graphic recording services at our conference was the buzz it created for sure. Everyone was curious about who she was and what she was doing. Then, when the pieces were put on display, all of the foot traffic stopped to study and consume the content. Many even took pictures to bring back and include in the event write-ups. I love that these boards bring the conference to life, but then also help it live on. We take the digitized boards and it provides for great content for months! Stephanie is a pleasure to work with. Super dependable. Incredibly talented. Affordable.”
Sarah Bottorff
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