Stephanie Papaioanu standing with her illustration


Chrysalis Studios specializes in graphic recording:  real-time graphics support during high level meetings, strategic planning sessions, brainstorming groups, and conferences.  We create murals of speakers’ presentations, participant contributions, small group report outs, group synthesis and teasing out contextual big themes – all in real time.  These murals not only act as a data capture point, but also free up participants to fully engage with the speaker and one another in conversation.  Your session transforms in real-time into meaningful data-rich artwork capturing content in a custom art gallery as the day unfolds! 

Watch a Live Demo

The below demo shows one of my sessions, where I create large-scale murals in real-time of peoples’ conversations, presentations, and brainstorming sessions. Companies bring me to their meeting location and I hang huge sheets of paper on the wall. They talk while I write and draw their ideas, freeing up the participants to fully engage in the conversation while I act as the data capture point. It’s like professional Pictionary for meetings!

Danielle Aslaner headshot
“If you want to make your event more interesting and impactful, the visual pieces Stephanie provides will change the experience for the attendees. She helps make statements stronger, more powerful and long lasting.”
Danielle Aslaner