Stephanie Papaioanu posing with an illustration


Visual Sketch Noting

Visual Sketch Noting takes the content generated during events and TRANSFORMS it into murals, right before your eyes, in real-time, and in sync with the event itself.  Speaker presentations, slides, group discussions, and ideas are all interwoven into highly illustrative murals.  These murals TRANSFORM a myriad of events:  in-person meetings and conferences, digital events via screen share, and even virtual reality gatherings, into a truly immersive experience. 

Visual Sketch Noting example

Visual Storyboarding

For post event documentation, the murals are folded into a storyboard format; complete with embedded links, taking the viewer directly to more detailed content such as presentations, videos, and webpages; TRANSFORMING it into a single data capture point.  Your information TELLS A STORY…let’s share it with others.  Even if you don’t have an event, we can still turn your information into a visual storyboard.  Send it our way and we’ll TRANSFORM it for you. 

Visual Storyboarding example

Storyboarding Videos

TRANSFORM your content by combining the verbal and visual into A narrated storyboard video that serves as a powerful stand-alone explanation to your viewers.  The short film connects both sides of your audience’s brain to your subject matter; walking your viewer through YOUR story as YOU would tell it.  What would that look like? Take a quick look at the 3 minute video at the top of the page as an example. 

Story boarding example

View this quick 3-minute video for an explanation and examples of all our services.

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“Not only did all of our clients love seeing the aspects of our business discussion come together in vibrant images, but it also made for a unique giveaway since we gave cards away with the images from the meeting with a thank you note from our company. My favorite part of the real-time graphic recording was that no matter how much background information anyone had on the topics discussed, you were able to interpret the main takeaways of the discussion through pictures and direct quotes from the meeting. I would definitely recommend Stephanie to friends and colleagues. It’s easy to lose focus after a full day of meetings and this is a unique and fun way to keep everyone engaged with the topics being discussed.”
Sydney Sigman
Galen Healthcare