American Bar Association Annual Technology Conference

American Bar Association

One of the biggest challenges facing lawyers today is how to effectively incorporate technology into a law practice. Clients, colleagues, and even the Model Rules all recognize that one must stay competent on the risks and benefits associated with the technology you use every day. Now in its 29th year, the ABA TECHSHOW is an annual conference sponsored by the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association encompassing educational sessions, networking, and tech-fueled enthusiasm all focused on answering questions about using technology in a legal practice.

Project Type: Real-Time Graphics Creation for Meetings & Events
Business Type: High Tech Industry
Dimensions: 4’x8′

Stephanie Phelan headshot
“We had never worked with a graphic recording artist – we were worried about putting her in sessions at ABA Techshow where she was unfamiliar with the topic – would she understand them well enough to record them? Our worries were quickly put to rest after the first session when the speakers loved her board so much they insisted on taking a photo with it and stated that it captured their topic perfectly! My favorite part was seeing how much the boards added value, interest and entertainment during the sessions. It really added another dimension to an otherwise normal classroom setting session. The boards also created buzz as they were displayed throughout the convention hall. Stephanie is a pro! She is a talented artist, so easy to work with and I never had to worry about her during our event. She was totally self-sufficient so she made my job in a hectic time so much easier. I don’t know how she does it, but she works quickly, grasps the concepts of the topic and displays them beautifully! Stephanie’s work was a hit at the conference and it has continued to add value to our brand with the buzz that was created from her beautiful work.”
Stephanie Phelan
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