Caterpillar Exponential Technologies Deep Dive


Caterpillar takes a deep dive into exponential technologies led by industry experts in topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and digital manufacturing. Peter Diamandis stars as the official keynote kickoff talk on where exponential and convergent technologies are leading the world.

Project Type: Real-Time Graphics Creation for Meetings & Events
Business Type: Fortune 500
Dimensions: 4’x8′

“The artist is able to capture essence of the presentation, can create murals within presentation time frame, will complement presentation and not distract attention. Singularity University provided high referral remarks on Stephanie’s work. This is a great complement to presentation and a new way to communicate key messages of the topic, more engaging than reading meeting minutes. I’ve seen the murals displayed within a few departments, we have several attendees requesting the files for their cascade presentations. I would definitely recommend working with Stephanie. This is a great to engage the audience in capturing key messages, fostering group discussion and cost effective.”
Anne Marcoux