The Microbiome – Programming the Future from the Inside Out

Singularity University

Mural created in real-time during an expert talk on the Microbiome – Programming the Future from the Inside Out; with Dr. Tiffany Vora.

Project Type: Real-Time Graphics Creation for Meetings & Events
Business Type: High Tech Industry
Dimensions: 4’x8′

Tiffany Vora headshot
“What a gorgeous final product! I especially like how you’ve teased out the highlights and takeaways and given them even more punch with your graphics. The flow you’ve used mirrors the narrative arc I sought for my talk, which I appreciate. I also like that I can use your work as a check on my own. (Are the things that I think are important actually coming across?) What a pleasure working with a talented artist who is also a great listener!”
Dr. Tiffany Vora
Vice Chair of Biology & Medicine, Singularity University